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Diana Gibson

Burleson, Texas

The Artist

Diana Gibson, MEd., MAAT, LPC-I, ATR-P

I have been creating art since I was a small child. Art has always provided a safe place for me to truly be myself and express my joy. I love sharing my art with others in a big way which is what started my journey into murals and large canvas paintings. Working big has always been my favorite way to capture my visions. 

Not Your Everyday Art

I really enjoy making art out of things that were once used for a different purpose such as books, jewelry, game pieces, and medical supplies. These multimedia pieces can generate very interesting conversations and engages my audience with my art.

Personal Touch

Each mural and painting is personalized to the client. Whether it is based on your favorite book, a family quote, a joyful memory or story, or even a portrait of a loved one, I strive to make the art experience one that speaks directly to your heart.

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